Typical Dishes in Cairo You Must Try

Cairo is the center of many ethnic groups so it is difficult to figure out what is typical of Cairo, Egypt and what is being bought from other countries. No problem, as the Egyptians tried so hard to make every dish their own and exhibited a multitude of flavors that could be easily seen in Cairo’s finest. Read this post to know typical dishes in Cairo that you must try when making a trip to this destination.

Typical Dishes in Cairo

typical dishes in Cairo: Fattah


This is one of the foremost popular foods throughout the center East, but each country has its own recipe to form its own signature cuisine. In Cairo, Fattah is ready as a rice dish made with fried pieces of bread, garlic, lamb, or beef together with pasta sauce. you’ll either consume this famous Egyptian food of Cairo in the traditional way possible i.e. coming hot from the steamy clay pots or cook it at your home. This always tastes super delicious and creamy.


Often touted because of the original version of falafels, taameya may be a sort of the Middle Eastern chickpea fritter that involves fava beans rather than chickpeas. The fava bean mixture is usually flavored with leeks, onions, fresh coriander, parsley, and cumin, and also the fritters are usually coated with sesame seeds before frying.


typical dishes in Cairo: Mahshi 


The dish literally translates to “stuffed”. These are literally the stuffed grapevine leaves (called Warak Enab in Arabic) usually served as a starter but you’ll be able to consume it anytime you wish. This food in Cairo, Egypt is consumed in most of the Mediterranean countries. Whereas in Cairo you may get small bite-size spicy rice tightly wrapped in grape leaves, then cooked in a very tomato-based sauce and served with lemon. Such delicious delicacy can only be found in Cairo.

Fetir meshaltet

Fetir meshaltet is an Egyptian delicacy consisting of flaky layered pastry which might be plain or full of various sweet or savory ingredients like hamburger, cheese, halwa, chocolate, or raisins. The dish dates back to the time of the pharaohs when it had been often employed in temples as an offering to Gods.

Fiteer Baladi
typical dishes in Cairo: Fiteer Baladi


This is a famous Egyptian pizza that is extra buttery and stuffed with juicy goodness. Usually, they serve it with no toppings even as plain bread which you’ll dip or make a sandwich. The preparation of this top food in Cairo comprises multiple layers of filo dough cooked in an exceedingly giant brick oven. afterward, your preferences, garnish it with honey, syrup, or granulated sugar for sweet moreover as for savory a thick coat of meat, vegetables, and cheese toppings are sprinkled.


Shawarma is One of the typical dishes in Cairo that you’ll find in entire Egypt. As already this delicious cuisine has been known to be the world street food but the additional juicy and balanced spicy flavors of Cairo’s shawarma are unimaginable. Here the meat or chicken for shawarma is cooked on a spit and sliced into a sandwich with veggies and sauce rather like Turkish doner to carve out their tastiest global food.




If you say it’s just a minced beef sandwich, then you may not have tried the important Hawawshi which is far more fabulous than simply a meat sandwich. This popular food to dine in Cairo is distinct from the remainder of the planet through their extra cooking techniques which involve roasting the sandwich in a very wood oven that crisps the bread in order that you may hear it’s a crunch in your ears thinking it’s deep-fried. It’s commonly served with pickled vegetables (torshi) to feature a savory tint with the spiciness of the sandwich.

Ful medames

Ful medames is an ancient, pre-Ottoman, and the pre-Islamic national dish of Egypt, a standard food consisting of slowly simmered fava beans seasoned with a squeeze of juice, olive oil, garlic, and selected spices. Some remnants of the dish were found within the 12th Dynasty Pharaonic tombs in Egypt, and any food that has been found in an ancient tomb must are a wildly popular culinary treat.

These are some of the typical dishes in Cairo that you must try during the trip to this city.




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