Popular Foods in Delhi To Try

The capital’s love of food can take you away from the little-known streets of popular restaurants, but there are some popular Delhi eateries found everywhere. From affordable variations of these popular food selections to splurging on opulent servings in upscale dining rooms, Delhi’s romance with these treats does not discriminate. This post will give a list of the popular foods in Delhi that you must try at least once.

Popular Foods in Delhi

Chole Bhature

popular foods in Delhi: Chole Bhature


Rich, spicy, and intensely popular; chole bhature in Delhi could be a must-try food combination. A chunk of Delhi resides in these fried baseball-shaped bread enjoyed with onions and spicy chickpeas. A staple in many places as a breakfast option, this lip-smacking choice is one of every of the foremost popular foods in Delhi.


Apart from being a household start and breakfast option for Delhiites, paranthas is a street specialty. From an evident salt base to stuffed options, this Indian bread is both an accompaniment or a main. The favored Delhi dish comes in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian options like keema parantha, chicken parantha, aloo (potatoes stuffed) parantha, onion parantha, and more. Moving beyond the Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, there are various stops within the capital serving this popular dish with sides like pickles, curd, and curries.

Butter Chicken

popular foods in Delhi: Butter Chicken

Introduced in Delhi within the year 1950, this celebrated delicacy is one of the foremost popular dishes in Delhi. Popularly referred to as Murg Makhani by tourists, this creamy delicacy blends in precisely the proper notes of spice with edible nut paste to bestow the food lovers with one in all the simplest curries. The succulent chicken within the creamy gravy could be a heavenly delight. Delhi is additionally referred to as the place of origination of the dish.

Kebabs and Rolls

Wrapped within the aromas of burning coals and coated with charred marinades, kebabs in Delhi impart a heartwarming feel of Delhi’s flavors. well-matched with the Delhiites attitude of “Let the nice times roll,” these kebabs are enjoyed both individually and wrapped in rumali rotis, paranthas, naans, and other flatbreads as delicious rolls. a well-liked dish of Delhi, in both forms, kebabs will be enjoyed with a side of fresh mint chutney and onions. the foremost popular types of kebabs are tikkas, Seekh kebabs, and galouti kebab.




A frozen Indian dessert, Kulfi maybe a creamy chilled dessert served with different accompaniments in several places. the foremost popular version is served with falluda (glass noodles served with the sweet) that marries well with the kulfi despite their contrasting flavor bases. the favored Delhi dish comes in an exceeding number of flavors nowadays including rose, paan, and more, but the normal kesar pista (saffron and nuts) remains on the highest. Savored and relished throughout the year, this Indian dessert may be a traditional classic.


This Delhi favorite is a flavor burst fueled by tasty meat, Indian spices, and a traditional method followed by the ages for making this delicacy called the dum process. . Biryani is kept with a minimum amount of water, where the tool (handi) is sealed with a paste. The heat in the sealed instrument produces steam that slowly cooks the biryani. Easily recognized by its signature aroma, this delicacy of Delhi is the perfect combination of flavors. Biryani in Delhi can be found at most restaurants in northern India and Mughlai. This dish is so popular in Delhi that some restaurants only serve biryani.



A popular snack in Delhi, momos or dim sums are one in every of the foremost loved evening bites of the Delhiites. Moving beyond the first steamed and fried variations, people in Delhi have added a north Indian twist to the current Tibetan delight. Various stops in Delhi nowadays serve Tandoori momos that present one in every of the most effective fusion samples of food. The spicy charred exteriors mix in with flavorful steamed interiors and are loaded with the merriment of outstanding flavors.

Matra Kulcha

Delhi is famous for its matra kulcha version, which is served by the side of the road. Maida kulchas is heated on tawa and served with matra, lightly seasoned with chili and a pinch of lemon. You can spot the seller from afar, as the matar / matra is usually housed in a traditional brass spherical barrel. This is one of the popular foods in Delhi to try while traveling.




Those who think that the fragrant Indian spiced grilled fish or meat cannot bring you joy should think again. Even though we Delhi have so much to be grateful for the Mughals, Kebabs is one of them. Whether it’s Kebabs delivered to your car, a quintessential Delhi experience, to upscale eateries and eateries across the city, try this popular treat and you’ll be hooked forever.


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