Levoit Vista 200 Review: An Affordable Air Purifier To Buy

Purification of the air can be quite beneficial to your health. Levoit Vista 200 reduces odors, airborne germs, dust mites, allergies, mold spores, and more with a high-efficiency activated carbon filter and real HEPA filtration. Here is a detailed Levoit Vista 200 review for you to consider whether it is worth buying.

Levoit Vista 200 Review


Levoit has kept the pricing of the new Levoit Vista 200 the same as the old Levoit LV-H132. This air purifier is currently available for $89, which is $20 less than the original LV-initial H132’s price.


Levoit Vista 200 review

The Levoit Vista measures 7.3 x 7.3 x 12.9 inches and weighs just over 3 pounds, as it was built for a tiny location. That is, in fact, one of the thinner and more portable air purifiers available. Even though it’s little, its capacity to clean well hasn’t been hampered by its size. After all, the filters within do the majority of the work.

A basic display sits on top of the unit. Because this is an entry-level purifier, the lack of a touchscreen shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s more of a simple analogue-digital interface. The only notable feature is a mild night light on the topside that can be adjusted between two brightness settings.

Filtration system

As shown below, the Levoit Vista 200 has a three-stage air cleaning mechanism.

  • Pre-filter: Large particles such as dust, lint, fibers, hair, and pet fur can be captured by this nylon pre-filter. Because it is only effective for a limited time, you must vacuum this filter on a frequent basis.
  • True HEPA Filter: The Levoit Vista 200 employs a True HEPA Filter to decrease allergens, virus particles, pollen, and bacteria particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: This filter combats smoke and aromas from the kitchen, your pets, and even the outdoors.

This is the first time Levoit eliminates the fine preliminary filter entirely, and for no apparent reason. Instead, the Levoit Vista 200 relies on its air grill and a layer of nylon material as the initial level of air filtration, and no matter how small the holes are, they aren’t enough to keep the particles out.

The Levoit Vista 200 will use the same all-in-one air filter as its brother, but it will be significantly smaller. However, the efficiency is claimed to be as high as 99.97 percent.

Fan speeds and noise levels

Levoit Vista 200 review

There are three different fan speeds to choose from. Low, medium, and high speeds are available. You can also choose between a two, four, or eight-hour timer. The touch interface on top of the unit is also used to control the speed and timer.

Big fans don’t usually generate a lot of noise, which may seem counterintuitive. Not in relation to their size, at least. Smaller fans create the most noise, especially when they have to start spinning extremely quickly. Having saying that, the Vista 200 is relatively quiet. However, this is only true when the unit does not need to run at maximum speed.

When using the lowest fan speeds, the noise level drops to around 25 decibels. That’s about the same volume as a turned-on laptop or a gaming console. In other words, unless you press your ear on the purifier, you won’t be able to hear it. You’re getting close to 52dB if you run the fans at their greatest rates.

That’s close to a conversational level of noise, or about the same as a running microwave. You can hear it while it’s running, and while it won’t disrupt a conversation, it’s not something you’d want running while you’re watching TV.

Room coverage

Levoit Vista 200

The unusually large room covering is frequently promoted by Levoit as a selling point. Even a small air purifier such as the Levoit Vista 200 can handle a space of 170 square feet. However, other specifications must be examined in order to determine the actual fan power of this air purifier.

Levoit Vista 200 has a 2X ACH. Every 30 minutes, it can clean your room. In general, the CADR of the Levoit Vista 200 is 50 cfm. The Levoit Vista 200 has the same fan power as the original Levoit LV-H132, therefore cleaning your room will take the same amount of time. The greatest recommendation is to keep this air purifier as close as possible to your body.

Hopefully, this is the useful Levoit Vista 200 review for you to read.



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