Impressive Restaurants In Cologne You Can’t Miss

Nestled on the western edge of Germany is a beautiful German city! Bustling with life and character, there’s an incredibly diverse mix of things to do in Cologne that you won’t want to miss. Cologne is an impressive historic city that also offers scrumptious food and local flavors for foodies. In this post, we will refer to several impressive restaurants in Cologne that you must experience when making a trip to this destination.

Impressive Restaurants In Cologne

Petere’s Brauhaus

impressive restaurants in Cologne: Petere’s Brauhaus


Petere’s Brauhaus is that the king of Cologne’s breweries and an area where quality German micro-brews and tremendous food go together. An absolutely stunning setting, with the inside of painted glass ceilings and mahogany furniture. Make a choice from one among the region’s top micro-brews, the Peters Kölsch, and eat the pork chops with dumplings or the sauerkraut with beer sausages on the side.

Die Fette Kuh

Bursting with burgers, hot dogs, and more burgers, Fette Kuh, meaning ‘fat cow’, is that the king of the grill in Cologne. The 200-gram juicy meat classic is roasted until it reaches that perfect rose color, and therefore the natural vegetarian counterpart makes this place even more awesome. Worth watching out for here is that the Philly steak burger, a massive, heavenly steak covered with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and Cheddar cheese.

Le Moissonnier

Le Moissonnier


An original French temple, Le Moissonnier simply follows the philosophy of joie du vivre; everything created between these walls is really lovely. Cooked by French chef Eric Menchon, the innovative culinary art is served with an impeccable presentation that enhances the creative tastes. Select from items like duck breast with wild spice strudel, and grab a fine tipple just like the Saint Roman Rouge of 2006 to accompany. This is one of the impressive restaurants in Cologne you should eat at.

Bei Oma Kleinmann 

A truly epic place, Bei Oma Kleinmann may be a family-owned restaurant with a crazy atmosphere and an eye fixed for events, from carnivals to high school meetings. But the best thing about this place is that the menu sounds like a visit to grandma’s house. Traditional Viennese schnitzels are available in gigantic proportions and oodles of another classic, hearty staples abound.




Luxurious and modern Konrad maybe a restaurant specializing in cross-culture culinary art. The mahogany wooden interior augments the complete select atmosphere of the restaurant and therefore the modern, metallic furniture is meant to enrich the cutting-edge vibe with finesse. On the table, the highlights are the breakfast buffet, the meat carpaccio, and therefore the delicious Boston cannon fodder buffet.

Scampino Wein

A Mediterranean seafood restaurant, Scampino Wein is found on the Rhine and blends the flavors of the ocean with exclusive wine varieties. you’re guaranteed cannon fodder, straight from the boats. They boast delicious dishes like fried sole in butter and a fine sea bass fillet sided with herbs and seasonal vegetables.

Ox und Klee

Ox und Klee


Playing with the concepts of cuisine, Ox und Klee may be a modern restaurant that reinvents art at the amount of the gourmet. On the table stand colorful plates arranged with careful regard for the flavor’s entanglements, like Dutch mackerel in foamy sauce lined with white asparagus with buttons of avocado, pinches of grapefruit and seasoned with malts, and Iberia pork with eggplant and lemon salt.

Da Damiano

Damiano Pizzichetti is that the figurehead of this delightful Italian restaurant. Here, the menu covers classic recipes, traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and more, while the fashionable vibe is totally impeccable. On the menu, everything is solely mouthwatering, but favorites are the caramel noodles in butter and sage, and therefore the carpaccio on figs with Crème de Cassis.




A true gourmet institution, Alfredo isn’t the everyday Italian restaurant with pizza margarita and pasta Bolognese, it brings the country tradition of father Alfredo Carturan and his passion and recipes of natural and easy ingredients straight from the Boot. select from Venetian sole, soft sea bass, almonds, capers, or swordfish with cabbage and olives which exquisite turbot with chanterelles. Then, taste the delicious cheeses like Alto Adige and cherish gathering with a spot of Bianco Malvasia Nera, a sweet and perfumed white.

These are impressive restaurants in Cologne you should try during your trip.



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