Famous Restaurants in Havana

Havana has a diverse and attractive culinary landscape where timeless classics meet modern Cuban cuisine. From traditional local paladar recipes to novel Swedish-influenced food, there are many famous restaurants in Havana that you must try when having a chance to visit this destination.

Famous Restaurants in Havana

El Biky

famous restaurants in Havana: El Biky


El Biky is one of the famous restaurants in Havana. It’s located within the residential Vedado neighborhood far away from the salesmen looking to entice tourists with restaurant specials.

El Biky has both an off-the-cuff cafe and a more upscale dining room. The restaurant serves traditional Cuban dishes but could also be best known for its international menu and seafood selection. salmon, piquillo peppers filled with tuna, cocktails, and octopus carpaccio are among El Biky’s specialties.

La Guarida

Originally the setting for the acclaimed film Strawberry and Chocolate, La Guarida is now a scenic ‘Hideaway’ for both cinephiles and gastro-fans. Tucked on the third floor of a shabby-chic residential building where everyday family life goes on undisturbed by curious visitors. Climb the dramatic marble staircase to dine among the old film paraphernalia within the three small rooms. Or get an area on the balcony for panoramic of central Havana. The prices, although not too high by European capital standards, match the restaurant’s now international fame. But there’s a choice of fish tacos and tuna steak, watermelon soup, and frozen dessert on pineapple to create up for it.


famous restaurants in Havana: Jama


If you’ve never eaten Asian-Cuban fusion, it’s time to begin. Jama is an element of a burgeoning foodie scene in Havana that completely melds the flavors of Cuba and Asia. Favorites include the “I love Tokio,” pork fajitas with ginger, rice noodles, and sesame sauce, and other menu items include the side of pork tacos, gyoza, and sushi rolls. If you’re trying to find a highly Instagrammable meal capable of standing its own in even the snobbiest food cities within the world, Jama is where you’ll find it.


A chic mansion within the upscale Miramar district, BellaHabana gives Cuban cuisine a contemporary, international twist with a spotlight on fish. Tres Lindas Cubanas are Three Cuban Beauties, or rather, three kinds of fish cooked differently for your culinary pleasure. Octopus ceviche and salmon, squid and red snapper with different ‘aromas’ (cream, mushroom, vodka) in generous portions give the visitor a deluxe local experience that doesn’t must break the bank. Immerse yourself in Cuban history elegantly decorating the ceiling and walls, sharing a glass of French wine or some top-notch mojitos that may facilitate your wash it down.

Ivan Chef Justo

famous restaurants in Hanava: Ivan Chef Justo


This is one you will have to appear for. This restaurant is found near the Museum of the Revolution in Old Havana, but it may be tricky to search out. Ivan Chef Justo occupies the second and third floors of a centuries-old building within the heart of Old Havana. The restaurant is formed from a group of intimate dining rooms and also has one in every of the most effective rooftops in Havana. Menu items include baby lamb ribs, variety of fish and chicken dishes.

La Galería

This fairly new addition of gallery-meets-restaurant in Vedado frequently changes, evidently, its surrounding display of Cuban contemporary art—and, accordingly, the offerings on the menu, looking on the standard of the ingredients its team is in a position to the source. The Creole fusion dishes of l. a. Galería start with the staple ropa vieja and rabbit with sauce and go all the thanks to Arabic coconut tart, via garlic prawns and fillet mignon. Choose a refreshing guava juice on the outdoor terrace, during the day, or for a romantic meal within the dim-lit (and air-conditioned) dining room by night.

San Cristobal Paladar

San Cristobal Paladar


San Cristobal could be a quirky eatery whose walls are guaranteed to keep you entertained through even the longest of lazy meals. The restaurant is home to an unusual collection meant to raise images of 1950s Havana, a time when Cuba was at its peak, and movie stars made it a degree to go to. this can be an area where you will find piles of old books stacked on antique furniture and quite some windows into Cuba’s past. Menu items include a range of fresh salads, vegetarian pasta, and meat dishes, including the Havana Temptation, strips of steak with a special sauce, and fried bananas.



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